How To Select The Perfect Shed Style: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes time to choose the right shed style for your needs, there are as many solutions out there as there are homeowners. Unfortunately, the most practical and functional solution is rarely the most attractive or popular one, but often the one that suits your needs the best. Therefore, if you’re just starting the shed planning process, you may be wondering what kind of shed to choose.

In this article, we’ll break down the different styles and their pros and cons in detail, so you can make the right decision for your home and family.

How To Choose The Right Shed Style For You

To choose the right shed style for your needs, keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, you need to decide what kind of lifestyle you live. This will help you narrow your search to specific shed styles and features. After that, it’s a matter of finding the right fit for your particular needs and budget.

The 6 Different Types of Sheds

Here at Frank’s Sheds, you’ll find six different types of sheds. And to be able to choose the right shed style, you’ll have to learn about what’s on offer first.

1. Lapsider Sheds

The Lapsider is the original when it comes to shed design. Its construction is the most durable of all sheds available on the market. That’s why it’s often the ideal solution for your shed needs. No matter what you’re looking to store in there.

Our Lapsider is available in end or side gable. This means you get great flexibility when thinking about window and door placement, making it usable for business or pleasure.

2. The Box Eave

Our Box Eave shed features the same structural design and durability as the Lapsider, with a difference. It has the addition of a boxed overhang to increase its visual attractiveness.

This addition makes the Box Eave shed look like it’s been on your property forever. Not only that, but the overhang provides protection against the elements. Ensuring that your shed will last for many years to come. Like the Lapsider, the Box Eave is available in end or side gable.

3. The Lumberjack

The Lumberjack is ideal for all your storage needs, both residentially and commercially. It features 8-foot high walls giving you space for items that wouldn’t fit in a standard shed.

You can customize the Lumberjack to fit your specific storage needs and tastes. Built for durability, you can add a garage door or box eave to increase its individuality.

4. Playhouse Storage Sheds

If you need a dedicated space for your kids, then Playhouse Storage is your shed. It’s available in various sizes and configurations to fit your home. So not only is it great for the kids, but it makes a great addition to any home, whether you’re looking for a place to store gardening tools or just want somewhere to relax.

5. Hardie Plank/Board Sheds

Compared to other sheds, the Hardie Plank/Board shed can withstand changing climate conditions with a reduced maintenance cycle. You can also choose from various colors, so your shed fits in seamlessly with your home.

6. A Lean Too

Too means you’ll have a shed that is easy to tuck away on the side of your home. Also available in a variety of colors to match the outward appearance of the building it’s going on.

Additional Options

To make any shed fit in seamlessly with your home and lifestyle, you’ll want various additional options to choose from. And with Frank’s Sheds, those options don’t stop at our wide selection of colors to choose from.

Standard Options:

  • Windows or vents depending on the size of shed you opt for.
  • Integrated electrics with switch, outlet, and lights.
  • 23/32 treated plywood flooring.
  • A 46 x 72 inch door.
  • The option between a side or end gable.
  • Heavy-duty 18 gauge G-90 galvanized Accu-Steel frame for added durability.

As well as the standard options, you can further tailor your shed from Frank’s with these options:


  • Standard (18” x 27”)
  • 22 ⅜” x 36”
  • 30” x 40”


  • Standard (46” x 72”)
  • 60” x 72”
  • 72” x 72”
  • 80” x 72”

Roll-up Door;

  • 6 x 6 ft
  • 8 x 7 ft
  • 9 x 7 ft


  • Light
  • Outlet
  • Switch

Additional Door Options;

  • 9 Light Door
  • Double Door
  • Double 9 Light Door


When it comes to selecting the right shed for your home, there are many factors to consider. First and foremost, you want to make sure you choose the right style for your needs. Next, you want to pick out the right shed for your budget. And last, but not least, you want to make sure you pick out the right shed for your specific lifestyle. With that in mind, your search for the perfect shed is about to get a whole lot easier.

For further information and expert advice on which shed to choose for your next project, contact Frank’s Sheds and realize your shed dreams today.