How to Make Your Shed Last with Yearly Maintenance

In order to maintain the quality and investment that’s been spent on your storage shed, it’s important to spend some extra time on the upkeep. With that being said, here at Franks Sheds, we have the expertise to maintain your storage shed this year.

Check the shed for any weather damage

When you live in Fort Lauderdale Florida, it’s important to protect your shed from all of the weather damage that can come during the rainy months. With that in mind, pay particular attention to your shed after a bad storm to ensure there’s no weather damage that’s been caused. If it has, fix it immediately to prevent further damage.

Clean out shed gutters if necessary

Just like gutters on the home, they can cause structural damage to the property if not seen to. If they become full of debris, clear them out so that they don’t collect water and cause damage.

Reseal any extremities such as the windows and doors

Any windows and doors should be checked occasionally to ensure the seals on them are still intact. If these windows and doors aren’t sealed properly, it not only causes damage from water getting into the shed but also fails to keep it insulated.

Keep everything organized

When it comes to the interiors of your shed, keeping it organized is important. It’s why having shelving units and other storage options should be a must for anyone that is lacking it.

Take a look at what is lying around on the floor of the shed and get suitable storage for these items. It’ll certainly help free up space for easier movement.

Clear the surroundings of debris

The exterior surroundings of the shed should also be considered as something to focus on. Debris collecting around the outside of the shed can lead to pests if it’s not cleared properly. With that in mind, be sure to clear up any debris that could be inviting for pests like mice and other wildlife.

We’d recommend sweeping up any leaves and hefty debris lying about so that the space is kept clear. It ensures there’s nothing around the area that’s going to create an enticing warmth for pests to burrow and create a home in.

Repaint the surfaces every two to five years

With a shed, it’s exposed to the elements, just like the exterior of your home is. That means that the paint on these surfaces is much more prone to wear and tear over the years. While you can get some great exterior paint, not all of them are going to last forever.

It’s worth repainting the surfaces of your shed every two to five years. This will help with appearances and keeping it well-kept.

Replace your shed with Franks Sheds, Fort Lauderdale Florida

At Franks Sheds, you can replace any old and withered shed with a brand-new one. If you’re in the market for a new outdoor shed, be sure to get in touch today.

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