The She Shed: An Escape For Every Woman

Having your own space within your home is crucial, and if men get their man caves why shouldn’t women have their own escape?  Virginia Woolf famously wrote about women having ‘a room of one’s own’; she insisted that a woman’s space within her homes is vital and important. Spending your time without disturbance and having a free space which is uninvaded by the belongings and interruptions of others.

With a She Shed, this is exactly what you will be getting. You can create a space just for yourself. Especially if you have smaller children, you’ll know that everything in the house seems to be covered in kid-stuff – even your bedroom is not yours alone to have to yourself. 

A She Shed is a room of your own. Ways you could use it are:


  • A creative space. You can finally take on that craft project; write a book; scrapbook; watch films or sing and dance!
  • A workspace. If you work from home, which more and more people are doing nowadays, you can use the She Shed as an office which is unhindered by other people’s paraphernalia. 
  • An exercise room. Turn your She Shed into a gym, a yoga studio, a dance studio, or a spinning class! Create your own exercise haven and have some time for yourself!


  • Plants! If you’re getting into houseplants and growing your own food, you could convert the She Shed into a little greenhouse for trying to grow your new plants in peace.

If you’re finding yourself without your own place within your own home, then a She Shed is the escape you’ve been looking for. Frank’s Sheds can give you the She Shed that you deserve, at a price that can’t be beaten. We’ve been serving the South Florida community for over 10 years now, specializing in steel-framed sheds that are built to withstand the elements. Contact Us today to get a Free Quote on your She Shed.