The Backyard Office Shed

With more and more of us now choosing to work from home, or running our own businesses from where we live, a Backyard Office Shed could be a worthwhile addition to your home.

There are lots of different sizes, styles, and designs to suit every home, and adding a Backyard Office Shed is a less stressful and cheaper alternative to expensive, disruptive building works to your house to add an office extension or convert your attic. Your commute could be just a walk down the backyard path when you add a Backyard Office Shed with Franks Sheds.

Finding The Right Shed

Available in fully modular designs, these sheds can help you add that much needed extra workspace to your home, and can be outfitted in any way you please – Franks Sheds have helped to create office space, workshops, and studios. Whatever your business, having a dedicated space away from the main house but close by, works incredibly well.

A Backyard Office Shed can be installed in a day, and solve all the problems you experience trying to work out of the spare room or kitchen table. There are even two-story models available, which could give you an extra guest room or a relaxation space as well as a place to work.

Everything is pre-fabricated by Franks Sheds and installed on-site to create your new workspace. A Backyard Office Shed is a wonderful complement to any home and can give you the facilities you need to really focus on your job while balancing work and home life.

Get In Touch

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