Franks Sheds has the best Steel Frame Storage Sheds in South Florida

Frank’s Sheds is one of the leading suppliers of steel frame storage sheds in South Florida. We offer a variety of products suited for every application. Here are a few of our most popular products.

Traditional Sheds and Storage Buildings 

Frank’s Sheds come in a variety of sizes and configurations. We offer sheds with end gables and side gables, so you can choose the design that works best for you. Our Lapsider is a standard 12 x 12 foot shed. Our Lumberjack model is 12’ x 24’. It is perfect for storing tractors, riding lawnmowers and ATVs. Our Hardie Plankboard building can serve as a garage or storage building. Whether you want a traditional shed for storing lawn equipment or a shed you can drive your tractor into, we’re here to help.

Pop Up Workshops 

Our box eave sheds are perfect for large-scale storage or use as a workshop. These buildings have clean lines and look like a permanent building. They’re perfect for use as a workshop or home office, whether you’re a dedicated woodworker or trying to run a small business.

Playhouse Storage Sheds 

Our rugged, durable sheds might be coopted by your kids as a playhouse, and that realization is why we make 10’ x 14’ playhouses for our customers. These cute little playhouses are as rugged as our full storage buildings, and they resemble the expensive wooden playhouses your kids wish they had. However, the metal sheds are quick and easy to put up. They won’t rot. They won’t attract insects like termites. Your kids will be safe from the rain. You can customize the porch area of the shed to give your kids a place to sit when it is raining. When your kids outgrow it, you can continue to use it as a storage shed. The sheltered porch then becomes a place to pot plants or sit on the porch and admire your garden.