Preventing Rust On Your Steel Shed

Rust on a Steel Shed can spread like wildfire. Many homes with a Steel Shed will have it, at the far end of the garden, away from any shelter. So rust can easily gain a foothold on your Steel Shed and damage the structure greatly.


Formation of rust


In short, it’s when your shed doesn’t dry after it rains and stays moist for a long period of time. The moist air inside might also play a role, which is why good ventilation is required.


Preventing it


It’s quite easy to prevent rust. You need…


  • Good ground drainage to get rid of rainwater.
  • Place gravel or pebbles on the floor to aid this process
  • Insulate the shed for better temperature control


Storage techniques


Make sure there is good airflow throughout the shed. Don’t just throw things in there to pile them up. Stack your things alongside each other, not on top if you can help it. Keep them a few inches away from the shed to allow droplets to fall away or condensation to not build.


It may also be a good idea to leave two small windows open at all times, to allow air in and out. Wrap up metal tools if possible; i.e. put a cloth over your spade or rake when done using it. Every few months check for leaks in the ceiling and plug them.


If you have any more questions about preventing rust in your steel shed, feel free to contact us any time and we’ll be happy to help.