How to Build a Hurricane-Proof Shed

hurricane, shed, proof, steel, franks's shedAs hurricane season comes around, it is essential to batten down the hatches and protect your home. But don’t forget that you should also protect your shed. 

If you are using an inferior shed, the first thing to go will be the roof of your shed. If you use your shed for storing high-value items, these will get ruined. Therefore having a hurricane proof shed is essential. 

Having a hurricane-proof shed in Fort Lauderdale is an investment, but it is worth it! By using Frank’s Sheds you’ll have a steel frame shed with solid foundations and a secure roof. 

However if you have a bargain shed, you can hurricane proof it by building a solid foundation. Once you’ve done this, secure the floor frame to the foundation. Then, build strong walls. Use doors and windows that are designed to withstand storms, and use storm shutters and shields to protect the inside of your shed. Your roof should be windproof and waterproof. 

Pre-fabricated sheds tend to make poor choices in hurricane conditions. You’ll want a sold shed that has been constructed from the ground up that is designed to withstand severe weather. 

A concrete slab or concrete piers are essential for creating a firm foundation for your shed. You should consider investing in more expensive higher psi cement and having reinforced foundations. The ideal roof will be a gable-ended roof at 30 degrees. You’ll need a variety of fasteners throughout to ensure everything is tight and firmly in place.

As you can see, getting a bargain shed hurricane-read is a challenge.  But if you invest in a Fort Lauderdale steel frame shed, you won’t need to hassle with expensive and time-consuming preparations. That’s why all of Frank’s Sheds are hurricane-ready up to 170MPH. Contact us today to get ready for hurricane season with peace of mind.