Garden Storage Sheds Fort Lauderdale

What does Frank’s Sheds provide for its customers? It turns out that they do more than install garden storage sheds Fort Lauderdale residents rave about.

Storage Buildings

Do you need a storage building to hold your gardening tools? Does your growing business need a safe place to store building supplies? Frank’s Sheds come in a wide range of sizes. We can put up a 12×12 building that fits in the corner of your lot or a 12×24 building that doubles as a garage for your riding lawnmower or ATVs.


Frank’s Sheds builds both garages and buildings that can do double-duty. Let us put up a storage building you can drive your work truck, trailer, riding lawnmower, ATV and other wheeled equipment into before locking it up. Protect your boat and boat trailer from the elements and theft. Ensure that your wheeled toys aren’t taken for a ride without your permission. You’ll be able to access the storage building through a side door, allowing you to store toys, tools and other items in the same space. Our 6’ by 14’ lean too can be tucked against the side of your building. And we can make it match the color of your home, making it appear like an extra room. This means the garden storage sheds Fort Lauderdale residents need may take up less space than they think.

Play Houses

Frank’s Sheds has several playhouse designs. These rugged play structures are safe for your children. They’ll protect your children from the elements. They’ll stand up to years of abuse. They’re safe. Your children won’t cause it to collapse if they climb up on it, and they can’t knock it over. Perhaps best of all, you didn’t have to build it.

Work Buildings

Frank’s Sheds can put up a spacious box eave shed on your property to serve as a workspace. This space may be used as a workshop, office or studio. You’ll be able to move your work out of the house without having to pay for commercial space. And you won’t have to pay a fortune for a building that looks like any of the other buildings in the area. Furthermore, we’ll build it and deliver it to your site, saving you time and money. Note that their garden storage sheds Fort Lauderdale can be based off the playhouse design, allowing you to work on a covered porch when the weather is bad.