Do You Need a Solid Foundation for a Garden Shed?

A good quality garden shed is an asset to any property. It gives you a safe place to store your things, as well as free up space in the home, something we could all use. 

But when planning to install a garden shed, it is vital that you get the foundations right. The foundation for your garden shed will protect your shed and what’s inside. Without the proper foundations, your shed could become structurally damaged, damp, and a health and safety hazard. 

So before you go out and buy yours, consider the foundation for your garden shed. 

Here at Frank’s Sheds, we have some basic tips for building the perfect foundation. 

Location, location, location

Choose a spot away from waterlogged areas and tree roots. If you want water or power in the shed, place it in a convenient location for these to be installed. 

Choose the right foundation

Heavier sheds will need frost-proof foundations, which also last longer. There are also on-grade foundations, which are quicker and cost less but do not have longevity. 

Keep it level

Check the level of the foundation at all points during the process to ensure that it is consistent. 

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