Buyer’s Guide for Sheds in Hollywood, Florida

shed, garden, steel, hollywood, fort lauderdale, florida, storage, garden, utility, plasticAre you looking for the best option for a garden or storage shed in Hollywood, Florida? If so, this article will make sure you find the right shed for your needs. There are a few important things to consider when shopping for a new shed.

The first thing to consider when shopping for an outdoor garden shed in Hollywood, Florida is the building material.

Outdoor Shed Building Materials

Many inexpensive sheds are made of softwood with water-resistant asphalt sheets. The walls are usually plywood nailed onto 2×4 studs. These sheds can be a quick solution to your storage needs. However they lack the durability and security of a steel frame shed. But, they are customizable. Custom shelving, racks, and panels can easily be screwed into the wooden studs.

Plastic sheds are another option. They’re both inexpensive and water proof. Unfortunately they do not offer much resistance to thieves. They can also be damaged or destroyed in a heavy storm.

Metal sheds are the most secure and longest lasting. In South Florida, the need for hurricane resistance is factor driving the need for metal sheds. However the quality of the metal and the corrosion resistance of the paint can be a concern. Shoppers wanting the best shed should only purchase high quality steel sheds.

No matter what material you choose, make sure you ask the below questions before installing a shed on your property.

Outdoor Shed FAQ’s

  • Where do you plan on placing the shed?
  • Are you storing heavy equipment and lawn mowers that need to be maneuvered into the shed? 
  • Is it going to block sprinklers? 
  • Are sheds HOA approved in your neighborhood?
  • Do you have enough room to open the doors of the shed?

hollywood, florida, shed, garden, outdoor, steel, utility, backyard, sheIf you want the highest quality shed, steel frames are the only choice. Frank’s Sheds offer 18 gauge G-90 galvanized Accu-Steel frames. Our high-strength sheds have 30 year guarantees, can withstand winds up to 175 mph and are fully customizable. 

Frank’s Sheds will keep your belongings safe while keeping Mother Nature and thieves are out! 

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