4 Creative Shed Ideas

Your shed can be a lot of things. From micro offices to fishing shacks, Frank’s Shed has collated some of the coolest shed ideas to spark your creative ideas. 


Sheds don’t just have to be for storing bikes; they can be a purposeful place with a range of fixtures and fittings to boot. 

Floating Fishing Cabin

If you love fishing, then think about having a portable fishing cabin built! If you attach the right flotation devices to your cabin, it will happily float on the water while you fish. 

Children’s Playhouse of Hunting Blind

Build high up on beams; this super cool space provides a great view of the surrounding area. A stilted base takes the shed off the floor and into the sky. For children, it feels amazing to have a little place to climb up to and feel like you’re high up in the treetops. 


Add in 360 windows, and you have an ideal hunting blind instead. 

Lean-to Style Shed

If you have a little space, you can have a lean-to. These are functional, and these are simple and can be used for a range of things. If you add a ramp, it makes it easy to access for wheelchairs, heavy equipment, and other wheels. You can also choose a discrete lean-to that is built closer to the house and is small enough to store just a few items in it. 

Snack Shack Stand

Love to cook for others? Turn your shed into a snack stand and kit it out inside with some cooking apparatus. Some simple sliding windows will enable you to have your food out, and there you have it! If you want to run this as a business, then you’ll need licenses and permits first, though! 

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