Shed Placement Tips

At Franks Sheds, we’re everything you need and more when it comes to your outdoor storage needs. Our sheds offer a variety of features and styles to suit any exterior space and whatever preference you have for your home.

But where is the ideal place to put your shed? Finding the optimal location to place shed storage is important to figure out so here are some things to consider. 

Find a space that’s accessible

Firstly, the space you choose should be one that’s accessible to reach. There’s nothing worse than placing your shed in what you feel is the right place but then ends up being a nightmare to get to. 


Consider the shed’s design when placing it in the space. Think about how the doors or windows open and how easy it will be to get to the door of the shed. Especially when transporting larger furniture and objects, you want it within an easy reach to suit you.

Extends the lifespan of the shed storage

At Franks Sheds, all our customers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida get the same quality service and a storage shed that’s top of the line. The placement of your shed will likely influence just how long it lasts in terms of its lifespan. Leaving it in an overly grown area of the yard will likely cause more damage from fallen debris. A space where it’s in direct sunlight may cause the exterior to fade a lot quicker, which then requires more maintenance.

Ideally, you want a spot sheltered from the weather but not covered by shrubs and trees that could cause damage. 

Wherever you are Fort Lauderdale in Florida, here at Franks Sheds, we’re here to help.