At Frank’s sheds, we know how important it is to have proper shed ventilation. Today we are sharing 6 ways that you can better ventilate your shed and avoid damp and mould. 

  1. Install vents

The easiest way to ventilate a small shed is to install vents in the walls. A small vent at the north and south points of your shed allows airflow and will keep the shed ventilated. 

  1. Install roof windows 

For proper shed ventilation as well as light, install a roof window. This will not only bring ventilation but will also brighten up the shed and give you a lovely view of the sky. 

  1. Install a whirligig

A whirligig is more than a funny word: it’s the key to proper shed ventilation. For medium and large sheds, installing a whirligig on the roof will draw air up and through the shed to keep it ventilated.

  1. Install an electric fan 

For larger shed’s an electric fan will push air around and ensure your shed doesn’t become too humid. 

  1. Allow the sunlight in 

Sunlight is a great help for proper shed ventilation as it will reduce humidity in the air. By allowing sunlight through windows, you are less likely to suffer from damp. 

  1. Install a heat source 

For larger sheds, a heat source may be needed to reduce humidity. This will ensure the air stays dry and will keep your shed strong for longer. 

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