A Hurricane-Proof Shed: A Must-Have in Florida

hurricane, steel, proof, shed, franksIf you are based in Florida, you will already know that harsh weather conditions can always be just around the corner. If you’re shopping for a shed for your home or business, you must be certain it’s a hurricane-proof shed.

What does the hurricane wind scale mean for you?

You may have heard of the Hurricane Wind Scale before, yet you may be unsure regarding what it means for you. This wind scale categorizes the sustained wind speed of a hurricane with a rating from one to five. This estimates the potential damage that could be caused to your property based on how the storm ranks. 

The National Hurricane Center has stated that catastrophic damage can be caused to properties and other structures if there is a category five hurricane that has winds of 157 mph or more. 

Get the hurricane-proof shed that you need 

When you consider the fact that Florida is prone to hurricanes, the installation of a hurricane-proof shed is a necessity. This is the best way to ensure that your items stay protected through a storm. 

All of the sheds that we create are manufactured here in Florida and they have been built with Florida weather in mind. They all have hurricane proof ratings up to 170mph!

We operate to the highest level of safety, with stringent checks in place. We also make sure that our sheds look great in front of any property. Contact us today to discuss your storage needs.